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Welcome to Energy Martial Arts Academy, in Pickering ON – Your Family Martial Arts Centre

Established in 1997, Energy Martial Arts Academy is
a full time traditional Martial Arts Academy in the
greater Toronto Scarborough and Pickering Durham

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Why We’re Different

The unique philosophy of Nerkin Ouj places great importance on self improvement and personal growth. This philosophy uses Martial Arts training as a vehicle to instill knowledge about mindfulness, respect, positivity and self-trust which in turn allows for the revelation of the true strength and potential of the human mind.

Every individual is unique and equally capable according to Nerkin Ouj philosophy and all answers are believed to be found within. For individuals willing to make the effort, there are no limits.


“I have lots of experience with karate myself including teaching at the YMCA. I visited, watched the training and ceremony where my nephews got their yellow belt.”

Andy Prouty

“The studio, staff and training are all fantastic. It’s a great work-out and I’m really happy that I joined! Great people in the classes too. Their kids programs are exceptional too and I hear they have great birthday parties.”

Yvette Byrne-Menard
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