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Best Online Martial Arts Program

What an online Martial Arts class looks likeWe are a small Canadian business located in southeast Scarborough and Pickering, offering high-quality Martial Arts instruction with an individualized approach. Our lead instructors are full-time, lifelong Martial Artists who engage in making a difference in our community through empowering our students to meet their goals by training in Martial Arts, developing fitness, skill, self-confidence, and discipline – and have some fun along the way.

With over 23 years of in-person class experience, we at Energy Martial Arts have embraced the challenges of Covid-19 to develop an in-depth, quality online martial arts experience.

How does your online Martial Arts program work?

Our online classes are delivered via Zoom. Our monthly program fee includes two classes a week, as well as an individual interactive check-in once every two weeks. A class works like this:

  • The student follows a video warm up designed for their age and level, which helps them focus and allows them to get ready for class a few minutes before their scheduled time.
  • Next the student joins their scheduled class on Zoom. These classes are focused on the curriculum for their specific belt level. We offer a wide variety of class times for our students.
  • Our instructors are trained in how to animate and engage our students through the camera, and have large screens so they can see each student.
  • Besides building fitness and technical Martial Arts skills, our instructors inspire and motivate our students, imparting our core values of focus, discipline, respect, and self-confidence.
  • Students progress by earning stripes and then attending our online belt examinations to progress to the next level. Uniforms, stripes, and belts can be picked up curbside or mailed to you for a small fee.

What do we need at home?

  • A device with a camera and microphone (or phone or table) that can connect to Zoom, along with Internet access
  • A 5×5 ft space to train in – we take the space into account in our online classes

How do I find out more, or get started?

How can Martial Arts benefit me or my child?

At Energy Martial Arts we have consistently seen the positive impact of Martial Arts training for individuals and within our community. Some of the top benefits are:

Focus and Discipline: Through the practice of Martial Arts our students learn to set goals, and to break those goals into the steps needed to achieve them. As they progress through our curriculum they learn how their commitment and practice lead them to master skills.

Fitness and Well-Being: By building flexibility, strength, and endurance through Martial Arts training and skills, our students become stronger and healthier.

Self-Confidence and Leadership: Our positive, supportive environment helps students to build their confidence and leadership skills through mastery of Martial Arts and self-defense techniques, as well as through our explicit leadership and character-building curriculum.

Respect and Empathy: First and foremost, our staff and instructors model empathy and respect at every opportunity, creating a positive environment that fosters growth. We also guide our students to give and expect respect and empathy to and from their peers.

Give us a call at 416-286-1600 or 905-250-4444, or  click here to sign up for our 2 class + uniform for $19.99 special today!