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Dads of Current Students

Train Free in June!

Dads Train Martial ArtsDiscover what Martial Arts can do for you!

Learn what it’s like for your kids to attend, as well as start working on your own skills
Gain strength and get fit
Improve skills
Stress less, and live more!

Sign up with your Program Director and train for FREE!
It just takes a phone call.

All dads will:

  • Receive a free uniform
  • Attend unlimited Adult Beginner classes any time in May

Available for first-time students only; may not be combined with any other offer

“True and lasting inner peace can never be found in external things. It can only be found within. Once we find and nurture it within ourselves, it always radiates outwards. This week, let’s radiate sunshine!”
~Varpet’s Sayings

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