Kids Martial Arts

Focus on your child’s growth! Engineered and refined by our Grand Masters over a lifetime of experience with Martial Arts Instruction, our Youth Program is second-to-none in its ability to bring out the best in any child. Through our positive motivational techniques and in our non-competitive environment, our Youth Students are instilled with all of the best qualities of respect, self-confidence, and self-discipline that Martial Arts training has to offer. Combined with a highly active exercise component, our Youth Classes will help your child remain happy and healthy within a safe and positive environment suitable for ages 4 to 12.

The core values we bring to life in our kids program are:

  • Physical safety in class
  • Learning self-defence and de-escalation techniques
  • A warm and nurturing approach to give kids space to try new things and build self-confidence
  • An environment set up for success by truly mastering techniques respect and discipline
  • Positive interaction with teachers and fellow students
  • Leadership development
  • Individualized plans to help each child work at his or her own pace

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